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Fuschia Phlox™ writes and illustrates stories for children and young adults. They are available on amazon in kindle, paperback and audio format. There are books offered in Greek and a colouring in book. 

I support children and young adults in literature, illustration and music.

I have read my books with puppets in Edinburgh at local nurseries, schools, libraries, community centers, museums and art galleries.

You can choose to donate to a charity of your choice if you buy my books on amazon smile.

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Bumble & Tang, a new children's book for toddlers, perfect for learning their numbers and teaching kids what Orangutans eat and where they live.


Coptor Cat is Maya Russell's first published book.  She wrote and illustrated the story.

She is only 8, so I am very proud of her. Coptor Cat is the first book in a series.


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Andromache lives on Paros in Greece.

She eats the grapes and smells the flowers.

She listens to the birds and touches the trees.

She smiles at the sky and hugs her cat. 
This is a little book for little hands and senses that love nature.

This book supports Clean Blue Paros

This is also available as a bilingual book in Greek and in Scottish Gaelic.

Please see further down this page.

Dara the Dormouse lives with her family in Finlay's Forest. These are sweet but cautionary rhyming tales designed to educate children about bullies, stranger danger, road and online safety and safe swimming and to use their imaginations and English language skills.

They also promote the traits of resilience and empathy currently encouraged in schools and introduce kids to wildlife and flowers.


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Firepants - the first in the Firepants series (7 books), about a small boy who is ostracized for his lying but goes on to have the most amazing adventures.

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Can Meri make dresses in time for the Elf Disco?

Cover 1.jpg

This is a book close to my heart.

A story and an activity book designed to educate children about the preservation of some of the animals on the IUCN's Red List. These animals are critically endangered and need all the help they can get.

You can choose to donate to a wildlife charity if you buy this on amazon smile.


Ihsu is a small boy with lots of questions.

What is kindness? What is tenderness? What is love?

But the Bleaks just roar and roar.

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One afternoon in December, Mirium witnesses the most extraordinary thing. 

The world has gone bonkers and where is Father Christmas?

Buy this on amazon smile and donate to a help the homeless charity

like Cyrenians or donate direct.


Nievera is a young girl whose life changes when she meets the Queen of the Fairies. But her new gifts attract the attention of the King of the Snirks...



My first Young Adult book out soon, encouraging teens and young adults to build on their skills and achieve their goals.
Meet Peter, Bekuri, Erica, Jong and Yana.

Peter loves to paint, Bekuri can play any instrument given to her, Erica makes her own clothes and jewellery, Jong can heal with food and Amazonian Medicine, Yana is an immigrant from Syria who can fix engines.

They each have a special story and a beautiful talent but need support to make their dreams come true.

The back page of the book lists organisations which can offer support, skills and training for young adults in the UK.


Final Cover.jpg

This is a simple colouring in book for younger children, designed to get children colouring and drawing.


Final Greek Andro Cover.jpg

This book is designed as a starter book for Greek readers who already speak the language or children wanting to learn. There are two pages of vocabulary in the back of the book.

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