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                 Radio Play/Air Time.

                 Women of Substance Podcast 2017 - 'Strong.'

                 BBC Radio Orkney. 2019 - 'Yours Truly.'

                 Jim Gellatly, Amazing Radio, 2020 - '2020' (Everything's so strange)

                 Derek McCutcheon, CamGlen Radio, 2020- '2020'

                 Stuart McHugh - Jock Rock/isthis music? 2020 - '2020'

                 Smudge, CrowZone - Record Of The Week - '2020'.

                 KBBP Radio, LA - Various

                 Angel's Indie Lounge - Belter Radio - '2020'

                 Alistair Braidwood - SWH Blog - '2020' 

                 Indie Star Radio - '2020'


                 Upcoming Shows

                 Live Streams - as and when on social media.

                 (See Songkick updates) 

                 St Magnus Cathedral - to be rearranged.




Artist Information

Label: Fuschia Phlox

Who: Independent singer songwriter/producer

Genre: Indie, pop, rock, folk - fusion

Based: Orkney

Plays: Guitar & Piano

Influences: Kate Bush, Enya, Fleetwood Mac, Tori Amos, The Cure, The Bangles, The Hothouse Flowers, Sophie B Hawkins, Martika, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Vini Reilly.

Greek Influences: Giannis Parios, Margarita Zorbala, Bouzouki & Rebetiko, island music.


Musical Training:

Edinburgh University Art College Online - Music Theory

Berklee Online - ProTools, Music Production, Capstone Project, Developing musicianship

Singapore University online - Classical Music

Fuschia Phlox creates piano and guitar melodies with dreamy harmonics, drums beats and subtle Greek influences.

She began making songs in school and started her own production studio in 2019. 


Music is a universal language that she loves to speak. It is the soundtrack of our lives.

She create with words, music and images, atmosphere and good feelings. 

Music Biography

What's next?

Albums in 2020 and beyond.

2020 - double album of songs, acoustic version and commercial version

Glenburn - songs and atmospheric melodies based on my book of the same name.

Nicholas - Songs from my film script of the same name, dark/noir album

Back Catalogue of Albums from 1996 including:

Forever Seven

Stonehenge to Brodgar 

Live streaming shows, festivals and learning the Cello and Oud.

Contact Details:

Please use the contact form on the above tool bar under MORE.

Recent Press

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Song/Music Review


'Fuschia Phlox's voice is so crystal clear, it’s very haunting, achingly lovely but powerful,almost gritty in places. I think I’d feel deeply moved, even if she were singing about lost socks. Goosebumps and shivers in equal measure.

There are moments when it seems she is channeling the likes of Karen carpenter and Joni Mitchell, and other more edgy, almost  unnerving moments that remind me very strongly of Kate Bush.

Crysalis song has me feeling lulled and soothed one minute, snarled at through gritted teeth the next. If Fuschia Phlox was trying to hold the listeners attention by not letting them get too comfortable, she nailed it!

But at the same time, it’s still possible to drift away, just without tuning out from the lyrics. They kind of command attention. '

Sally Hanreck, https://sallyhanreck.com

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