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 I paint in watercolour and oil with different styles and illustrate my children's books and a book I am writing called Glenburn

 I'm inspired by the fact that my grandfather was a painter with paintings still sought after today.

I have an online artist's studio which I use like the old fashioned notebook to collect ideas and creations.

The Rock, Kingdom of Uktunnu. (Glenburn)

The way Ashaya, the main character in the story of Glenburn, sees plants.

Top left, a plant seen from above. Bottom right, a plant from the side.

She sees them as living beings and can see their energy with her eyes open or closed.

In The Garden by Fuschia Phlox



Ashaya views and heals an invited visitor to the Kingdom of Uktunnu.

The way she sees the world can be frightening, but she learns to understand 

and tolerate and grow as a priestess in the Kingdom of Uktunnu.

In the Garden.

Sketches and outlines for main drawings for the book 'Glenburn.'

The King of Uktunnu, seen in profile as he meets with hostile guests. 

He resolves the situation peacefully.

Weymouth Harbour by Robert Russell

 By Robert Russell

'Forest' by Fuschia Phlox




Freedom by Fuschia Phlox



Trees by Fuschia Phlox



Painting Thistles with actual thistle plants and encouraging children to do the same, exploring botany and creativity together.

Witness by Fuschia Phlox



Surge by Fuschia Phlox



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