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Clara inherits a cool couple of million, a house on Santorini and some vampire genes. 

Shirley Valentine meets Bram Stoker.

Ciara is hiding out in Ireland. Mr Mega turns up to take her home to her father. All flights are grounded so the strange duo are forced to take whatever transport is available all the way back to San Francisco. It is a journey in more ways than one, proving that love can be found when you are least expecting it.

Una's visit to a fairground tips her life upside down. She loses her boyfriend, her best friend, her job and flat and ends up living with her mother - and why is there a werewolf in her bedroom? A magical comedy.

All production and scriptwriting is currently done in-house.  This includes everything from simple music videos to illustrated, animated marketing videos.

Book Cover.jpg

A collection of poetry, using experience, imagination and storytelling.


Beating back the dark cover.jpg

A collection of poetry from 2018.


Nicholas is an ancient vampire woken up by the noise of the modern world. He is hungry and cross AND his beloved collection of Tintorettos have been stolen.

The only peace he can find is around a human girl called Mari but his presence is sending everything in her life haywire.


A collection of songs and poetry from the 1990's until

present day.


Gio  - there are no explanations, very little speaking. This is a visual feast of the senses, the 16th century Italian painter's world seen through his eyes and the eyes of a lifelong friend.


Mando Mavroyennis (1796–1848), the Mykoniote heroine of the Greek War of Independence.

A family comedy

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All content is the intellectual property of Fuschia Phlox.

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