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I write all types of fiction for adults.

Two unsolved deaths. One Greek Island. Many unchallenged memories.

Thalia, deep sea diver and only surviving member of her family returns to the Greek island of her childhood.


A Greek Island

One missing girl

Seven days to find her.

The favourite characters from 'Return to the Aegean' are back.




'Her debut novel - a tribute to the Greek islands.'  

The National Herald, NY.


'A mystery story, a cultural reference, a book about the Greek islands for all seasons, not just the summer time.' 

Greek Embassy, London.


'English author Fuschia Phlox, who was raised on the Aegean island Paros, wrote a book praising the Greek islands of the Aegean.

The breathtaking novel has already attracted attention and is in fact nominated for the Amazon Novel Breakthrough award 2012.'

Greek Reporter.com - Europe.

'Thalia Shestacova has always had suspicions about how her mother and twin brother died. Returning to her childhood home on

the Greek island of Katafigio for the first time since their deaths, she prepares herself for the brutal truth.'

Daisy Seely - The Dominion Post, New Zealand.


'You can expect murder, love and deep-water diving.'

NeosKosmos Newspaper - Australia.

'Fuschia Phlox has written a debut novel packed with mystery, intrigue and drama against the backdrop of a beautiful Greek Island

that will totally captivate you.'
Marilou George, The Kindle Book Review.

'There are a myriad of things that make me fall in love with a story, but a strong setting has to be at the top of the list.

A literary geography is comprised not just of the landscape where the story takes place but also of people, their

relationships with the location. Though Fuschia Phlox’s Return to the Aegean is well plotted, the rich characters

and gorgeous setting are what captured my heart.'
Isla McKetta, A Geography of Reading Blog.

'The novel –a tribute to the Greek islands of the Aegean- has already attracted the readers’ attention.'
Greek News Agenda.

'Intrigued? Find out the end of the story, lying on the beach of a Greek island!'

'Return to the Aegean: murder, love and culture.'
Parikiaki Newspaper, London/Cyprus.

'This is an intriguing novel that is part mystery and part thriller. There is also a good dose of romance when Thalia

meets Petros again. I found the story to be very compelling, and I struggled to put it down! The descriptions of the

island and it's people was very vibrant, If you are looking for a mystery/thriller filled with Greek culture, this book

is for you. I have never been to Greece, or any of the islands, but having read this book, I may just have to go

and visit!'
Lynn Worton- Bookbuzzers/WaAR.

The last in the trilogy.

A work in progress.

Krystal is a little girl who makes her way in the modern world, despite the odds, thanks to her friends.

Ashaya is a little Inuit girl, taken from her home to another Kingdom thousands of years ago.

Their stories intertwine. Glenburn is the story of their lives.

Fuschia Phlox is currently writing this book, providing the illustrations and an album of music/film score based on the book.

It would make a magical film. (See paintings and music tab)

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How do you measure happiness?

How about this little book, it is sweet, it is moral and it doesn't take itself too seriously.



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