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My first  album 'Ignore Everything But The Music' is available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other good online retailers.

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© Lyrics and melodies by Fuschia Phlox.

    Fuschia Phlox, Publisher and Label.

    PRS Registered.

    Music Distribution: Tunecore



Fuschia Phlox plays original compositions and songs on piano and guitar.

Fuschia has played in locations in Greece and Scotland.

She enjoys performing at set locations and also live from her home studio.

Her songs have been played on the radio in the UK and USA.

Many of the songs are inspired from the characters in Fuschia Phlox's books, particularly the current book she is writing called Glenburn.

                                           Upcoming Shows

                  Live Streams - as and when on social media.

                  I love to live stream for good causes and the charities I support.

                 (See Songkick updates) 

                 St Magnus Cathedral - to be rearranged.

News - Currently working on a double album of the same songs, acoustic version and radio mix.

For more information, please see my EPK (Electronic Press Kit) from the toolbar above.

Piano Composition - 'Amor.'

© 2019 Fuschia Phlox

All content is the intellectual property of Fuschia Phlox.

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